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Bao Bei’s drinks menu is a sensory journey mixed with a slice of fun. Our specialty cocktails use a combination of premium spirits and iconic Asian ingredients that look and taste fabulous.

Bao Bei Specialty Cocktails

Bao Bei Specialty Cocktails

Typhoon No. 10

A smooth & sublime textured cocktail of strong gin notes echoing refreshing citrus flavours. Asian flavors accentuated with a side serving of osmanthus jelly.

Chamomile infused Tanqueray No. 10, Osmanthus honey, Orange juice, Lemon juice, Egg white, Osmanthus jelly


Chinese Negroni

Biting & bitter. Strong smokey flavours of whisky, infused with chamomile and fruit. Stirred together, served on the rocks.

Chamomile infused Tanqueray No. 10, Scotch whisky, Campari, Bianco vermouth


Som Tam

A light gin with a tropical spicy kick, served in bamboo to bring back your beach holiday vibes.

Gin, Green papaya juice, Chili and pepper syrup, Lime juice


Umeshu Sour 

A Japanese twist on the classic whiskey sour. Light, sweet, sour & bursting with plum flavours. Suitable for the inner Geishas & Samurais.

Umeshu with Akashi blended whisky, Lemon juice, Orange blossom water, Hibiscus syrup, Egg white


Apple Elixir  

Smooth notes of whisky layered with apple, hints of cinnamon & cloves. Shaken and served short over ice - a magical potion guaranteed to induce love.

Irish whisky, Vanilla schnapps, Apple juice, Lemon juice, Mixed spice syrup


Monk Fashion        

Smooth, strong, bold & bitter sweet. Classic bourbon cocktail with local flavours of Louhangua. Served short over ice - for the Don Draper in you.

Bourbon, Chocolate bitters, Luohangua 


Childhood Memory   

Sweet, milky & creamy with a soft hint of Rum & Baileys - a heart-warming malted cocktail that brings out the child in you.

Spiced rum, Bailey's, Vitasoy malt


Sweet Dreams       

Light & smooth. A sinfully delicious creamy chocolate milkshake in disguise.

Vodka, Godiva chocolate liqueur, Ovaltine, Heavy cream, Icing sugar

Bao Bei Tea Cocktails

Bao Bei Tea Cocktails


A spicy concoction with a touch of honey sweetness. Perfect for the hot-blooded pirates Arrrrrr….

Pu-er tea, Spiced rum, Kings liqueur, Honey, Ginger, Ginger candy

Remedy 24

Our signature cocktail is perfectly balanced & proves that opposites do attract. The cooling, bitter flavour of 24-herb tea offset with the wonderful fruity sweet scent of mango, goji & mint. Life is all about the Yin & Yang – not only tasty, this is incredibly good for your health!

24-herb tea, Vodka, Mango puree, Goji berry, Mint

White Peony

Flawlessly light & refreshing mix of Gin & peach liqueur – hints of flowery sweetness & delicate flavours. The perfect cocktail for a chilled state of mind.

White peony tea, Gin, Peach liqueur, Jasmine syrup


This lovingly constructed tipple balances strong Assam tea with aromatic Yuzu sake, bursting with zesty favour. Quintessentially oriental & uniquely stylish.

Indian assam, Yuzu sake, Elderflower liqueur, Lemoncello

Geisha's Kiss

A delightful marriage of chilled Cranberry vodka & iced rose tea - this cooling cocktail is blushing with a sweet flowery scent & fruity infusions. Served in a beautiful glass cone – the taste & sight is something to behold.

Rose tea, Cranberry vodka, Lychee liqueur, Aromatic bitters, Rose water


Bold infusion of Matcha with Spiced rum - this balanced cocktail offers up layers of earthy flavours, spice, with a hint of surprising white cacao. A layered libation with complex flavours.

Genmaicha, Sencha, Matcha, Spiced rum, White cacao, Milk



  Single / 6 Shots
Wah Mui Jello
Umeshu, Cognac, Apple juice, Plum juice, Honey, Chinese dried plum
78 / 398
Yakult Booster
Soju, Yakult, Morello cherries
78 / 398
So Spicy!
Kaffir lime leaf infused vodka, Lemongrass syrup, Lime, Chili


Vodka, Green apple schnapps, Green apple syrup, Wasabi, Cranberry caviar



White rum, Egg liqueur, Caramel syrup

Champagne & Wine

Champagne   Bottle
Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label   1280
Dom Perignon 2006   2380
Louis Roederer Cristal 2007   3880
White  Glass Bottle
Canaletto Pinot Grigio IGT 2014, Veneto, Italy 85 380
Hayes Ranch Chardonnay 2013, California, U.S.A. 95 450
Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc 2015, Marlborough, New Zealand   560
Paul Jaboulet Aine Secret de Famille Viognier 2015, Rhone, France   580
Red  Glass Bottle
Trapiche Oak Cask Malbec 2014, Mendoza, Argentina 85 380
Hipi Pinot Noir 2014, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand 100 480
Santa Christina Chianti DOCG 2014, Tuscany, Italy   580
F. Thienpont Merlot Cabernet Franc 2012, Saint-Emillion, France   680

Craft Beer

Gwei-lo IPA
Hong Kong
Hitachino Nest White Ale
Hitachino Nest Red Rice
Asahi (boring…)


Whiskey   Bottle
Ardbeg 10 yrs 95 1750
Macallan 12 yrs 95 1750
Macallan 18 yrs 185 3400
Glenlivet 15 yrs 115 2100
Kavalan 110 1950
Hakushu 12 yrs 150 2750
Hibiki 12 yrs 150 2750
Yamazaki 12 yrs 150 2750
Umeshu with Akashi blended whiskey (500mL) 90 1150
Haig Club 90 1650
Dewar's "White Label" (1L) 85 1700
Johnnie Walker Blue Label 210 3950
Jack Daniel's (1L) 85 1850
Bulleit 90 1650
Maker's Mark 100 1900
Vodka   Bottle
Belvedere Pure 85 1700
Tito's 90 1750
Grey Goose 100 1800
Royal Dragon 150 2900
Gin   Bottle
Tanqueray 85 1700
Tanqueray 10 110 2100
Hendrick’s (1L) 120 2950
Monkey 47 (500mL) 150 1950
Rum   Bottle
New Grove Silver 85 1700
Sailor Jerry 90 1750
EL Dorado 12 Yrs 110 1950
Ron Zacapa 120 2300
Tequila   Bottle
Jose Cuervo Especial Gold 85 1700
Grand Centenario Anejo 110 1950
Patron Silver 120 2300
Don Julio Anejo 150 2950
Don Julio 1942   5800
Cognac Bottle   Bottle
Courvoisier VSOP 110 1950
Hennessy XO 210 3950


Fresh orange juice, Pineapple juice, Fresh lemon juice
Virgin Lemon-Glass Mojito
Kaffir lime leaf syrup, Lime juice, Soda
Virgin Osmanthus Tom Collins
Osmanthus honey, Lemon juice, Soda
Virgin Som Tam
Green papaya juice, Chili and pepper syrup, Lime juice
Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Juice & Tea

Mineral Water, Soft Drinks, Juice & Tea

Mineral Water  
Aqua Panna 500mL 60
San Pellegrino 500mL 60
Soft Drinks  
Coke / Coke Zero / Sprite 45
Ginger Ale 45
Soda / Tonic 45
Fresh Orange Juice 70
Grapefruit / Pineapple / Cranberry / Apple / Tomato 60
OR Tea (Assortment) 50
Espresso (Single / Double) 35 / 55
Americano 50
Latte 60
Cappuccino 60


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